Wales Seniors Cricket Background



Wales Seniors Cricket

Wales has had an over 60s cricket team for the past thirteen years, since its inception in 2009. It emerged naturally out of the Wales over 50s side, which has now been in existence for almost thirty years.

The Wales 60s 1st team has always played in the south-west zone of the national championship with minor changes over the years. Wales 60s 2nd XI has been in existence for ten years, since 2012, again playing in a south-west group.

This past season (2021) has been the first time Wales has fielded a 3rd XI (an ‘A’ team) and it has proved a major success. There was no fully structured national competition at this level in 2021, and the team played many fixtures, travelled far and wide, and proved invincible. For 2022 the 3XI will play in the 3rd Division Southwest region.

Wales Seniors Cricket participated in the inaugural Over-50’s Cricket World Cup in 2018 in Sydney Australia and this year will also be part of the inaugural Over-60s Cricket World Cup to be held on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.