Friday 19th November was International Men’s Health Day and is an appropriate time for all men to think about their physical and mental health.

In this current time of greater stress in the community, depression has grown exponentially and we need to think about the measures that we use to deal with uncomfortable or difficult situations.
Depression can affect anyone, anytime. So many things can cause the onset of depression, including poor physical health. The male of the species historically does not show their inner emotions to any significant degree; we are not as good as the female at talking out issues and getting a resolution.

Unusual aggressiveness towards your partner, excessive drinking, and diet changes to extremes are just some of the indicators that suggest all is not well in your mind.
Beyond Blue data shows that on average, eight Australians take their own life each day, and males dominate this statistic. But the good news is: depression, whether it be suicidal or anxiety depression, can be beaten.
All that is needed is for us to acknowledge that a problem exists, and that we need professional help. You are not alone.

At some stage in our lives, more than 20% of the total population will suffer from some form of depression. The issues that you have are not unique to you. One may ask, why would a normal, intelligent, rational person take their own life? Well, I can tell you, there is nothing rational about the depths of the mental black hole that is suicidal depression. The Black Dog has almost complete control over you and taking your own life is offered as the only way to end that torment. It is not you thinking those thoughts. It is the depression.

Have the courage to recognise that you need professional help. GPs and clinical nurses deal with these issues all the time, and are very knowledgeable. Counselling and current medications can make a huge difference to your life. But you have to want to fix your issues. Do not blame others.

Remember, it is not what goes wrong in your life that matters. It is what you do about it that counts.

Beyond Blue Support: 1300 224 636

Life Line Support: 13 11 14

by Mike Nowlan