Australia Top Group A after Three Rounds.


Australia look strong on top of Pool A with three wins. Still two games vs Sri Lanka and Wales to go.

Australia sit on top of Group A, after three straight wins over Canada, Zimbabwe and India.  The boys have two matches both at Maroochydore vs Sri Lanka (tomorrow) and Wales (Saturday) to finish off the group stage.

Match results and links to the matches or replay.

Round 2: Australia v Canada at Roy Henzell Oval (Caloundra CC).  Canada 111 (34.4) Def by Australia 1/114 (26.5).  Player of the Match: Pat Henry 4/26 (8.4)

Round 3: Australia v Zimbabwe at Thorogood Oval (Yandina CC).  Zimbabwe 18 (21.5) Def by Australia 1/22 (5.4).  Player of the Match: Michael Goldsmith 4/7 (9)

Round 4: Australia v India at Kev Hackney Oval (Maroochydore CC).  Australia 9/197 (45) def India 6/106 (45).  Player of the Match: Peter Judd 76 (80) with 13 fours, 0/6 (6) and one catch.

Round 5 (tomorrow): Australia v Sri Lanka at Ron McMullen Oval (Maroochydore CC).

Round 1 rescheduled (Saturday): Australia v Wales at John Blanck Oval (Maroochydore CC).